01. Platform

Bamboo is a people-focussed mobile application that makes the microinvestment of diversified parcels of cryptographic assets easy, automated and fun. All you need is a mobile phone and a bank account, and less than 2 minutes to get started.
Our core focus is microinvestments, however the Bamboo platform does allow for manual contributions. As the term suggests, microinvestment is a savings methodology that focuses on regular, small deposits.
We want to make entry into, and exit from, the blockchain ecosystem seamless. It is that simple.
Our vision is to be the leading way that people participate in the blockchain ecosystem. We want to facilitate the education, growth and adoption of this technological innovation for all.
A gap exists between the need to adopt and invest in future defining technologies and the ability to do so. While the blockchain ecosystem has proven to have significant utility, too many people are barred from participating. Bamboo addresses this problem by providing increased accessibility and liquidity in the market. We aim to dramatically reduce the barriers of entry to the blockchain community: anyone can use our platform, and gain exposure to the blockchain community, just by continuing with their everyday purchases.
The platform is currently in closed beta testing.

02. BAM Token

Fees on the Bamboo platform are charged in a cryptographic token known as BAM. There are several key reasons for this:
  • Auditability: Unlike fees charged in fiat, fees charged in BAM are transparently logged on the public blockchain ledger.
  • Reduction of counterparty risk: BAM fees are collected and settled immediately, reducing counterparty risk exposure.
  • Blockchain native: Our purpose is to advance a blockchain native future of value exchange. Our core business is to "bridge" to the emerging world, with as many people as possible, to advance this purpose.
  • Network effect: The store of value (price) is an emergent property driven by the network effect of all users. The market capitalisation of BAM is entirely separate from the revenue stream of Bamboo in exchange for providing the Service. The price of BAM has no impact on the value of the Service revenue Bamboo collects. This is because the amount of BAM that Bamboo levies is determined by the value of the underlying portfolio assets, not BAM. Accordingly, any change in the price of BAM is realised by holders of BAM.
  • Borderless unit of account: BAM is a consistent unit of account across the platform, regardless of any user’s geographic location.
We believe that the use and integration of the BAM token within the Bamboo ecosystem helps establish the future of transparent borderless economic activity.
Bamboo Tokens (BAM) are utility tokens built upon the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens are ERC20 compliant.
BAMs are the unit of account on the Bamboo platform, so you’ll need it to use the Bamboo platform. Further, they’re usable in any ERC20 compatible wallet and can be freely transacted as holders see fit.
BAM will be used transparently within the Bamboo platform. Alternatively, users may obtain the token on any secondary markets (e.g. exchanges) and bring those tokens to the Bamboo platform.
Any Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet such as MyEtherWallet, Mist, Parity or MetaMask can store BAM. Importantly though, if you opt to store your tokens outside of the Bamboo platform we can't be held responsible if you lose access to your wallet (e.g. forgotten/lost private keys.)

03. Other

No worries! You can directly contact via email at hello@getbamboo.io.